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Endocrine malignancies: a five-year retrospective analysis in a tertiary hospital


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Philippine Journal of Internal Medicine
Publication Date
July-September 2014


Background: Endocrine malignancy in the Filipino

population has not been well documented particularly

on the incidence, prevalence, demographic profile

and survival rate. It is the aim of this study to

determine the prevalence rate and demographic

profile of all endocrine malignancies diagnosed at

a tertiary hospital.

Materials and Methods: This is a retrospective study

from March 2003 to March 2008. Data were obtained

from the Tumour Registry of St. Luke's Medical Center

Cancer Institute (SLMC-CI) and from the Annual

Report of the Diabetes, Thyroid and Endocrinology

Center (DTEC) Section of SLMC-Quezon City. Only

individuals with retrievable histopathology at this

institution were included in the study.

Statistical Analysis: Data were calculated using

percentages and proportions.

Results: There were a total of 855 cases of endocrine

malignancies documented in five years of which, 833

were cases of thyroid malignancies (97.4%). Fourteen

cases of adrenal cancer (1.60%), seven cases of

neuroendocrine carcinoma (0.79%), and one case of

parathyroid carcinoma (0.14%). There was no note

of pituitary cancer.

There were a total of 833 newly diagnosed

thyroid cancer: 652 papillary carcinoma (78.2%), 157

follicular carcinoma (18.8%), 11 anaplastic carcinoma

(1.32%); nine medullary thyroid cancer (1.08%); two

thyroid lymphoma (0.28%), one poorly differentiated

carcinoma (0.14%) and one metastatic to the thyroid


Among the 14 adrenal cancers, seven cases

were due to adrenal cortical carcinoma, one

case was due to adrenal neuroblastoma and six

cases were due to adrenal metastases. Among the

neuroendocrine carcinomas, four were pancreatic

neuroendocrine carcinoma which included two

malignant insulinoma and three patients were extra

pancreatic neuroendocrine carcinoma.

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